Saturday, September 26, 2009

visions upon visions.....

A couple of my besties came over today.
I invited them over for lunch and to finally get around to making our "vision boards" that we had been talking about making. We had a great time. We were one bestie down, so we didn't feel complete.....but we did the best we could.

Lunch was pretty yummy if i do say so myself...

Made a delicious chicken salad with poppyseed dressing.
Got the recipe from

Enjoyed some scrumptious Bruschetta, inspired by the movie Julie and Julia

We finished the meal off with the cookie of all cookies.
The motherload.
4 delicious layers of cookie goodness. A sugar cookie layer, a chocolate chocolate chip one, a peanut butter one and topped off with a chocolate chip layer. Yum Jibbers!

Once my friends enjoyed....the family vultures took flight. Little do they know that I hid 2 up in the cupboard for me when my chocolate reserves are low.
Must get cookie......need energy now....!
Borrowed this yummy recipe from

The girls and I also made vision boards. What is a vision board you ask?
Well it's a place to put all of your hopes dreams and desires in visual form. A place to put pictures or phrases that inspire you.
Here is a picture of my vision board....for now....i'm sure i'll be adding to it on a regular basis.
Excuse the photo...not the best shot but you get the idea!

Thanks girls! I had a great afternoon? Who's house next time?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday smooches

Sunday smooches...
Sunday is a day for worship. A day for family. A day of rest. A day of reflection. What better day to count your blessings? To remember what your thankful for. I love many are just a few.......

I love

lazy sundays
sharing the most comfy part of the sofa with my honey
painting something old to make it new again
cool evening breezes
girls night with good friends
yummy tomato soup
watching t.v. with my sons
excedrin migraine
going to bed early after lazying around all day

...chances are good that i love you too.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Super T

HaPpY BiRtHdAy TrEvOr!!!

My 3rd child is 12!
How did this happen?
I remember when my labor pains started with Trevor. Ouch. They hurt. I've decided something though. Every contraction, every pain.................................
so worth it!
I mean look at this kid. How could you not love him? He is the most compassionate and loving 12 year old I've ever known. And funny..............boy does he make me laugh. Trevor loves to read and is very intelligent. He's gonna make some beautiful girl very, very lucky one day....but for now..........................................
He's mine!

Trevor, my homebody, requested one thing for his birthday. He wanted to stay home. No fancy resturaunt, no noisy pizza joint. Not for him. He wanted to just stay put. His dad did take him out after school for a surprise trip to Best Buy to pick out a new netbook. Trevor is a budding programmer. ( I know, I know......internet access at his fingertips. Believe me...this gift comes with lots of rules.)
But a quiet evening at home was what the boy wanted. Who am I to deny?

His Birthday dinner consisted of his favorite foods.
Chicken (parmesan/ritz) and mashed potatoes.
Macaroni and cheese
Root beer
Recees peanut butter chocolate cake

It's been a new tradition to get the kids on birthday's or Christmas a nerf gun of some kind.
This sniper riffle is awesome!
We are collecting quite the arsenal. Makes FHE super fun!

Wow! No bickering? Happy Birthday to me!

Make a wish!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Heaven/Coma

(recipe from
I know. The original looks better then mine

I love you Super T!
Goodbye Primary, hello deacon's quorom!