Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love Autumn


Here's the bummer part...I live in California.
This fact is not a negative one on many occasions. In the fall....bummer. Big bummer.
Bummerific in fact.

My honeys and I will be traveling to Utah for Thanksgiving week but by the looks of things, it will practically be winter by then. No beautiful drives up the canyon to see the changing leaves. No trips to pumpkin patch or the corn maze. Poor me, right?

Here's the good part of the story.
I mean, I already knew this but it was proven yet again to me today when I received a letter in the mail from her.

The contents were:
*A beautiful scene of Utah in all it's fall colorful glory that she had clipped from the newspaper.
*Some real, honest to goodness leaves that had changed color from their original green.
A note that read....
*You can't come to the mountain, so the mountain will come to you!

Aren't I a lucky girl?
I love you mom!
See ya soon!

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