Thursday, October 1, 2009

Me and my October

I love October!!
(and I think October loves me)

Cooler temperatures, changing leaves (well not really where I live, but a girl can dream of other states), Halloween, costumes, hocus pocus, carving pumpkins, family get togethers, choosing names, parties, homemade soups, sweaters, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, school carnivals, football gams, parades, anticipation of Thanksgiving travels to Utah, anticipation of after Thanksgiving sales, holiday decorating, planning gifts, dreams of a lovely christmas!

I dress up every year for Halloween, even if there are no parties on the horizon. What should I be this year?

Is it too early to put up the skeletons and cobwebs?


  1. October is my favorite month too! At least, it is now that I am no longer in school :>)

  2. What about the anticipation of the after- thanksgiving-sales BREAKFAST!?!?! :) Wish you were here....Love you muchly!!!