Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crumbs and the like

Ya know when you start cleaning and then you see dust and grime everywhere and you just cant stop?

 Yeah. Me too.  I'm stuck in a horrible grimey bubble and I can't seem to clean my way out.  I think I might be going crazy. 
I want some organization in this home.  I NEED IT!  Badly.  
It all started with the "cleaning out" of the pantry. I oh so innocently went to grab my store bought bread crumbs and couldn't find the darn things.  Look, I'm all for making my own but...why?  I knew I had them.  I looked on every shelf, behind every half open bag of chocolate chips and outdated bottle of dressing.  Something had to be done.  Darn it. I was gonna have to take every last item out and clean and then...put...everything.....back.  Ick. 

Here's the mess before I began.

It doesn't help that everything in the kitchen winds up in the pantry.  With 2 teenage boys constantly rummaging through there it's bound to be a mess.  Right?

Let me add that I just realized that a girl's pantry is pretty personal.  You can tell a lot about of family by their food stuffs.  Take for instance my pantry.   Someone might be trying to drop a few pounds by the look of all the slimfast products.  You might notice that we enjoy cuddling up by a fire with all the hot cocoa around.  The canned items might suggest that convenience is important to me.  All the cereal might tell you there are kids in the vicinity.  Hmmm.....interesting no?

Finished.  All Tidy. 
....For now.

What does your pantry say about you?

p.s.  Here is what I'm working on next.

Oh no you di 'nt!


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  1. on tuesday... i cleaned out my pantry too. i had to resist the urge to go buy cases of can fruits and vegies that all matched so i could have some rows of artful organization. perhaps i still will, just the sound of that makes my heart beat faster. xoxo nicely done.