Monday, January 18, 2010

New again

We have a dining room.  We have a dining room table.  If we actually eat in the dining room we have to lug 2 more chairs in there so we can all fit around the table.  ugh! This room does not inspire me.  I don't sit in there and glory in my surroundings.  We don't often eat in the dining room.
That is until now!
I decided that  waiting around for a new table and chairs was not the route I wanted to go anymore.  I'm aging here people....I got dinners to make and people to feed.  I would take this matter into my own hands and re-do what I already had.

I got my inspiration HERE

It seemed simple enough.

I forgot to take a picture of the whole set before...but here is the table as I began the sanding process.
I only sanded the top of the table.

I just made sure to sand off anything "shiny".

Painting the chairs was the hardest part.  All those legs and rounded edges.  After letting the first coat dry, I actually went back 2 more times and touched up all the areas I missed.  It's amazing what one can miss.  I think those glorious paint fumes were starting to get to me.

After all the painting was done I roughed up the edges with my trusty medium grade block sander.
I then applied an oil based polyurethane to the top of the table only. More delicious fumes for my brain.

Here is the finished project.

I went with the hubby to JoAnn's and after looking and looking and changing my mind and then changing my mind again right before the cutting table I chose some fabric to re-cover the chairs.
My sweet hubs also made me a bench.  Yea! More seating.

I also painted the side table.

Now I need a beatiful centerpiece for my "new" table.
Any ideas?


  1. OMG!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! I want to do my ugly kitchen table now after seeing what you have done! Amazing!

  2. Thanks! Let me know if you need help! It was fun. :)

  3. It is magazine worthy! You are so resourceful. Can i be more like you?

  4. thanks for this! I painted my dining room table with black spray paint a few months ago (big mistake) and now it is chipping off like crazy. I will have to try this method to fix it. It was good to see you guys on Sunday...sorry if my kids prevented you from hearing any of the speakers :>)

  5. oh wendy!
    aren't you just wonderful.
    i have had a desk in my garage for a month. (well, longer if we're being honest - but working on it for a month). bob refinished it once, but the paint wasn't working properly (very sticky!). so i spent days scraping off the paint with a thinner. bob has spent days resanding. we are just to the repaint part...and you have now provided me with my shopping list.
    and motivation to buy a new (used) dining room table.

  6. That is BEAUTIFUL, Wendy! You have inspired me! Thank you for sharing. :)