Thursday, February 4, 2010

The renovation begins!

So My 40th Birthday is coming up.

In 51/2 weeks to be exact.
How did this happen?
Although thankfully a little wiser, I feel like that same girl at 17.  
Where did the time go?
All the other birthdays easily passed without any problems.  30 was a breeze.  I've never been one to care enough about my age to lie or worry about getting wrinkles early.
Why does this one feel different?  It seems that the closer it gets the more obsessed about it I get.  
Have I done everything I wanted to do "in my 30's"?  I know life doesn't end at 40 and I know that I've got maybe 1 or 2 (tee hee hee) good years left on this earth, but am I who I wanted to be yet? 
Am I on the path? 
I know I don't want to be fat and 40. 
(no offense to all my pleasantly plump and happy about it sistas)
I dreamed of being a "fit" young mom at 40.  Well "fit" I aint.  Fit left me at about 34.  Can I get it back?  Is there still time?  
What can I do with 5 1/2 weeks?
Well today was the first day of my  
"40 and fabulous" renovation. 
I'm exercising.
I'm eating well.
I'm reading.
I'm creating.
I'm trying to serve others.
I'm laughing.
I'm organizing.
I'm cleaning.
I'll keep you posted on my progress!

By the way.....big blowout bash or quiet get together with those I'm closest to?  Whatdaya think?



  1. why huge blow out bash of course.
    you are only half way to death once mom... celebrate! hahah

  2. oh Jordan, you make me laugh!!!! only half way to death! ahhhk. i love it!. and Wendy, BIG BLOW OUT BASH ALL THE WAY! i'm thinking roller skates, the hokey pokey and a couples skate with the disco ball lights! i might even purchase some new leg warmers!

  3. hmmmmmm if jordan thinks you are 1/2 way to death, then she must be almost 1/4 of the way....dangerous thinking since i am further along than you and don't feel the end is anywhere near! I say BIG CRAZY BIRTHDAY BASH, after all you are 40 only once, unless you want to do it again next year!

  4. huge blow out...unless of course you have a small get together with those you're closest to, and in that case, i hope i'm invited.

  5. I just read an entry on another friend's blog about someone's 40th birthday party. The entry it "Totally Awesome 80's" at

    Maybe a few ideas for ya to bounce around. :)

    I remember your 31st bday, when you were finally IN your 30's. Love yer guts, babe!

  6. how did we get so growed up?? call me if you want to go walking:)

  7. well I am over 40 and for the last year I have felt like I am 60. I stopped walking because my knees hurt too bad and the old saying about if is not in the house you won't go get it is not true at all. If it's not in my house there's a Stater Bros, Jake-in-the-Box, Panda Express and so on right down the street. I use to walk to these places and figure I was at least walking it off. Not now. So if you have any new found wisdom in your last year in the 30's please let me know. Until then, I'll just keep buying bigger pants.