Monday, February 1, 2010

Love all around!

So what does one do with a 2x6 piece of wood?  I'll tell ya!


and this

Besides a 2x6 board that I got at Lowes, here were my supplies:

mod podge
wooden letters
hot glue
distressing ink


I first cut the wood to the desired length depending on how big your wooden letters or your pictures are.
I sanded the wood down a bit to get rid of any jagged edges.
For the "xo" blocks:
I painted the blocks red and the letters white and used some of the distressing ink on the edges.
I slightly sanded the painted blocks.
I cut some fabric a little smaller and mod podged it onto the front of the block.
When it was dry, I glued the letters onto the blocks with hot glue.
I tied a sweet bow and hot glued that onto the top of the block.

For the picture block:
I painted the block a layer of green paint and then a layer of black.  (I like the affect of the green showing through a little when I sand the blocks after painting)
I slightly sand the painted block.
I mod podged my picture of choice onto the block and added a layer of mod podge around the whole block.
When it was dry, I added a decorative handle and tied a ribbon on one side of the handle.

Cuteness right?

The picture of Christ I used was a photo that I had taken of a print I have from artist Liz Lemon Swindle
but you could use any picture you like.  I think I'll do a family photo next.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE It! I wish i was as crafty as you. Really like the Christ pic. Never seen one like that before. :)

  2. darling Wendy! I would never have thought to take a picture of a picture! you are a smart & crafty cookie! xo :)