Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lazy 101

 Today I don't feel like doin anything,
I just wanna lay in my bed,
don't feel like pickin' up the phone,
 so leave a message at the tone,
'cause today I don't feel like doin' anything,
nothin' at all.
                          -Bruno Mars
 Do you ever have days like this?  It is now 5 pm and besides picking up downstairs....I've done NOTHING.  No makeup, no "real" clothes and  I haven't  even brushed my teeth.  Nasty.


 And you know what?  I don't feel so guilty about it.  That is some serious improvement.  I am the queen of guilt.  Hubby has a  work meeting tonight and won't be home till late, so dinner will consist of something microwavable.  Yay me.  
Right now I'm sitting outside with my laptop watching my daughter swim in the pool.  That's good enough for me. 



  1. you sure look beautiful for no make up and not even brushing your teeth. Welcome home.

  2. I have many days like that...."real" clothes are overrated I think :>)