Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sock it to me!

Socks and I have a love/hate relationship. While I enjoy their comfort on a cold day as I snuggle up with a good book...they are the bane of my existence!

My family has a "community sock basket". What is this you ask? This is the place where all socks go after their journey through the washing machine and in the dryer. I have been placing them in said basket for lets say..........years. I hate folding socks!

There are always socks missing their match. Why is this? Where do they go?
There are too many socks that look alike but don't belong together.
There are socks in there that I KNOW nobody wears.
I hardly even wear socks. I'm almost always in a pair of flip flops and when I do wear shoes that require socks it's because I'm camping or working out. Let's face it. This isn't a common occurance.
After spending so much time folding and putting away clean laundry (another chore I dispise ) who wants to spend all that time and energy matching and folding socks?
Trust me...i've tried it all. "c'mon kids, lets make a game out of it". I've folded them all and then tried to "keep up" on it and fold as I go.

I decided a long time a go that if anyone needs socks, let them dig. Of course this brings me great guilt. Who wants to see their tired husband or son digging through the basket 'o socks at 6:15 in the morning. Eeks! I feel the pangs even as I picture this.

No worries! I've come up with a plan! I'm gonna throw the sock basket with all socks in it away.
New socks are needed anyway to replace the old and holy ones, right? It's time. Will doing this bring me greater guilt? Do the kids in Africa even wear socks? Isn't it too hot there?

Maybe I will go on a sock shopping spree. Perhaps a "different" type of sock for each member of the family. Only hubby and oldest son wear the same size. Maybe a gray toe for one and not the other. I'm getting excited about this plan. How many pairs of socks does one human being need? 7? 10? 14? I think I need to do some research.

I feel better now. I will no longer have to hide my head in shame. I will no longer have to hide my sock basket when we have company. Let it be known........I am not ashamed!
Suck it socks!


  1. new socks = joy. you go girl. and i'd buy 7 pairs each. too many will just get you back in the boat with a basket full of new socks this time. still though, that is 42 socks to wash match, fold and put away...on second thought, keep the basket.

  2. hahahah
    i couldn't make up this stuff even if i tried.
    bob and i do not wear the same size socks, but i despise matching as well, therefore i buy the ultra stretchy socks from costco and we have a community bin and share same said sock.
    who knew - socks were such an issue.
    but clearly, mothers and wives all over the world have this dilemma. to each their own.
    but i say your basket is a pretty awesome idea.