Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Bee

The former President of my church Gordon B. Hinckley
(a great and wonderful man who has moved on from this life)
once spoke to a group of youth
(go to to read "A Prophet's counsel and prayer for youth")
and shared with them 6 "Be's" that would help them to become better people. They are...

Be Grateful
Be Smart
Be Clean
Be True
Be Humble
Be Prayerful

What wonderful counsel. I have tried to apply these to my life.
I've come up with a few to add.

Be Joyful
Be Tidy
Be Rested
Be Nice
Be Sure
Be Still
Be Safe
Be Present
Be Diligent
Be Long Suffering
Be Patient
Be Cheerful
Be Healthy
Be Trying
Be Trying again
Be Creative
Be Sweet
Be Helpful
Be Learning
Be Growing
Be Relaxed
Be Happy

You won't get stung with these.


  1. perfect list. im going to make one too. my first one is going to be BE STRONG. ARMY STRONG! xoxo

  2. i love your list! i need one too....probably should BE QUIET!