Sunday, November 15, 2009

So I went to a party.
What kind of party, you ask?
Can you believe such things exist?

These are the little beauties I came home with....

I would have modeled them myself but the pedicure is looking pretty knarly.

I was thinking about some other "parties" that I would like to be invited to.

A purse/bag party
A new recipe party (with samples of course)
A spa party
A book pary (bring your favorites and discuss and trade)
A dessert party (duh)
A massage party (party for
A craft party

What parties would you like to be invited to?


  1. i would like to be invited to a party dedicated to cleaning my house and fixing all the stuff that needs fixing. our outfits will be sloppy and paint splattered, that was in style once right? we will eat in n out and giant cookies from the bakery and drink soda till we feel sick. but i can see it now... my house will look bomb when the party is over. oh wait, did i just type this in your comment box? sorry. i was dreaming again.

  2. so glad you could come to the shoe party. i saw jordan strutting the brown beauties lookin' fine today at church! i would love to invite myself to any of these parties that you have.