Friday, March 4, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


- Getting to the step class at the gym late and having to go to the only empty spot in the room.  Right smack dab up front.  Don't mind me as I carry my step and riser thingys and set it all up in front of you.
- deciding halfway through the step class that you shouldn't have gotten the riser thingys.
- Only one tube of chapstick in the whole house. (not really awkward...just awful)
- Seeing someone driving the same car you own and thinking for a split second that someone has stolen your  car.'
- Calling the wrong number.  3 times in a row. Sorry lady. 


- When dinner is made and all but the dishes on the table are cleaned up and you're just waiting for everyone to get home to enjoy.
- Getting a new nail polish and discovering that it exactly matches the new shoes you bought.  I must love this color.
- extra cheese
- Knowing you don't have to leave the house all day.
- Clean socks.  Already put away in your sock drawer.


  1. i swear i swear even though i swear that im not a swearer... i've seen someone driving my exact car and thought the same thing while i was driving my very car! i swear! oh how this brings me joy that i am not alone in my lunacy. ox

  2. love you awkward and awesome you are!!